• Schunk


    The Schunk Group is an international technology group and a leading supplier of products made of high-tech materials – such as carbon, technical ceramics and sintered metal – as well as machines and systems – from environmental simulation and air conditioning to ultrasonic welding and optical machines. Within MIMOSA, Schunk will provide material expertise and…

  • Nuclear-21


    Nuclear-21 is an independent expert cabinet providing bankable decision support,  driving policy, strategies and business development towards optimized nuclear-based solutions. Within MIMOSA, Nuclear-21 will perform technical-economic analysis of nuclear energy systems, particularly for advanced nuclear systems; waste management impact analysis; safety/security /safeguards assessment of nuclear energy system; U/Pu and minor actinide management and fuel core…

  • JRC


    The JRC provides independent, evidence-based science and knowledge, supporting EU policies to positively impact society. Within MIMOSA, the JRC will provide expertise related to synthesis of MSR fuel salt and its characterization; determination of thermo-physical properties of  MSR fuel and coolant salts; preparation of irradiation experiments; electrochemistry of molten salt systems; post-irradiation examination of nuclear…



    ARTTIC is a leading consultancy for collaborative research funding and management. Within MIMOSA, ARTTIC will support project management and lead WP7 (‘Dissemination, exploitation, communication’).

  • Delft University of Technology

    Delft University of Technology

    TU Delft is a leading university with broad experience in all computational aspects of nuclear reactor design, neutronics, fluid dynamics and fuel depletion studies. Its facilities include a nuclear laboratory with license to work with uranium and thorium as well as corrosion and electrochemical laboratory facilities and a fully equipped metallography laboratory. Within MIMOSA, TU…

  • Thorizon


    Thorizon is a developer of nuclear power solutions with a focus on molten salt reactors. Within MIMOSA, Thorizon will provide expertise in MSR design, reactor (component) engineering; thermo-hydraulic-neutronic-(thermo)mechanical analyses; safety evaluation; neutron irradiation experiment design; material science. Thorizon leads WP4 (‘MSR Key technology topics’).

  • NRG


    NRG is a Dutch research institute that delivers nuclear solutions for health and energy. Within MIMOSA, NRG will provide expertise as fuels and materials irradiation service provider operating the High Flux Reactor, with associated Hot Cell Laboratories in Petten; waste handling of molten salt fuel; thermal hydraulics simulations coupled with detailed CFD analysis; and nuclear…

  • EDF


    EDF is the largest European LWR nuclear power plants operator, already implementing LWR spent fuel recycling through the use of MOX technology. Within MIMOSA, EDF will perform energy scenario analysis; technical assessment and optimization of advanced nuclear energy systems; neutronic simulations.



    DIFFER is the leading Dutch institute on nuclear fusion, with focus on materials for fusion reactors, and the operator of a number of facilities, including an Ion Beam for material analysis. Within MIMOSA, DIFFER is interested in interfacing molten salt loop for synergetic damage studies.

  • CVR


    Centrum výzkumu Rez (CVR) is a Czech organisation dedicated to research, development, and innovation in the field of power generation, particularly nuclear. Within MIMOSA, CVR will provide expertise in the following areas: pyro-chemistry within the development of nuclear fuel cycle of FR and MSR; handling of molten salts including radioactive materials; utilization of research and…